Choosing the right fencing to have installed in your backyard has a lot to do with considering some of the unique details of your property. Since some fencing can look best depending on the age of the home, the materials used, and even the landscaping, there's a lot to consider before deciding what fencing to have installed.

Before moving forward with fence installation, consider some of the following factors that can go into choosing fencing that's the right match for your home. 


One of the greatest impacts on how your yard looks is whether you have trees, hedges, or other landscaping. In order for a new fence to be installed, there may be the need to remove some of your landscaping. Instead, you may prefer to have the fencing go around trees or other landscaping to better fit in with your yard instead of changing your yard for the fence.

While this can mean the fencing isn't in a perfect square or rectangle around your yard, it can allow you to keep some of the trees and other landscaping that you love on your property.

Elevation Changes

If your yard has multiple levels due to a change in elevation, this is going to be an extra challenge when having fencing installed. Instead of the fencing requiring your yard to be graded at an even elevation, you can hire a fencing contractor that's able to work with the elevation changes in your yard instead of against it. This can be useful for getting fencing that flatters your yard instead of requiring major changes.

Home Exterior 

As you prepare to have fencing installed, you'll need to consider the different materials available and what best suits the exterior details of your home. Considering the siding on your home and details such as the trim around windows and your door can help you better decide what kind of fencing will fit in best.

Instead of feeling lost on what fencing to have installed, consider the goal of matching the fence to your yard or at least complementing the colors or materials so that everything looks cohesive.

Installing fencing in your yard can come with many advantages, but it can be tough to know how to get started when your yard already has a lot of landscaping that you're happy with. Instead of feeling unsure how to have fencing installed and what style to choose, consider the above factors that can go into having fencing that you love the look of.  

Reach out to a fence contractor for more questions.