If you recently had a wrought iron fence installed upon your property, or if you intend on doing so soon, you are likely excited about having this unique barrier present as it provides an attractive way to keep your land protected. To keep your wrought iron fence looking its best and providing security for years to come, use the following steps to maintain it.

Remember Regular Cleaning Sessions

If you do not take time to clean your wrought iron fencing, it is at risk for premature damage caused by debris buildup. Not only will the fence look grungy, but debris could cause an accumulation of moisture to occur upon portions of the iron pieces. This, in turn, causes rusting to occur. Clean off your fence using a piece of dry microfiber cloth to remove loose debris. For caked-on debris, rinse well with a garden hose and then dry it with the cloth as needed. 

Do Not Allow Nature to Get Too Close

Plants, such as vines, long blades of grass, shrubbery, or weeds could cause iron fencing to become dirty quickly if they rest upon the rails or spires. To avoid this, make sure you regularly tend to your landscaping in areas close to your fence. As soon as you notice the lawn is getting a bit high or a new crop of weeds has appeared nearby, grab your lawnmower or weed wacker to get to work at removing excess growth without delay.

Add Fresh Paint Each Year

Use paint made especially for wrought iron fencing on a yearly basis to help keep debris buildup and weatherization at bay. First, apply a base coat of primer made for iron fencing materials. Allow drying thoroughly before adding a coat of paint. Wrought iron fence paints are oil-based and come in a variety of colors, including a clear coat if you prefer to keep your iron's original appearance.

Remove Rust Right When You Notice It

Wrought iron fencing will rust over time. To slow down the process, inspect the fencing regularly and tend to any rusted portions immediately. Small areas of rust are easy to remove using a piece of soft cloth dipped in soapy water. Remove persistent rust using a wire brush or a sander to expose the metal underneath. If the color of the iron does not match after this process, apply a coat of paint to provide your fencing with a uniform appearance.