If you have a dog, it is likely a constant challenge to keep the animal on your property. However, it is essential for the safety of the dog. Otherwise, there will be a greater chance of the dog being injured or taken by animal control. To prevent these issues, you should always consider investing in having a dog fence installed around the perimeter of their property.

Have The Fence Extend Below Ground

Unfortunately, dogs are usually very adept at digging, and this can lead to them potentially digging enough soil out from under the fence to allow them to crawl under it. Luckily, it is possible to have your fencing designed and installed in a way that will minimize this risk. For example, you will be able to have the fence installed so that it is slightly below the surface of the soil. This can act as a deterrent to the dog while also potentially slowing them long enough to give you a chance to notice the spot where the animal is trying to dig under the fence.

Remove Potential Ramps Or Other Access Ramps Near The Fence

When you have the fence installed, you may want to take some time to walk along the perimeter and attempt to identify obstacles that the dog can use to jump over the fence. This is a particularly severe problem for a dog as they are possibly not able to get back over the fence once they have jumped over it, which could increase the risk of the dog getting lost. Often, this may arise where the are trees with very low branches and wide trunks that the dog could scale, garbage bins, or other large items that the dog could scale. Whenever these issues get discovered, they will need to get eliminated to keep the fence effective.

Regularly Inspect The Dog Fence

After you have your dog fence installed, you will still need to take some time to regularly walk along its perimeter. This will give you a chance to inspect the condition of the fence, look for signs of your dog trying to dig under it or any other potential issues with the fence. Unfortunately, there are some homeowners that may not inspect their dog fence on a regular basis, and this can greatly increase the risk of significant issues with the dog fence being given a chance to develop and worsen to the point where your dog may escape.

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