Planning to have a fence installed by a local fencing contractor? If so, you may be wondering what costs will make up the final bill. Here is how a typical fence installation will break down.

Land Survey

Every new fence installation is going to require a land survey. This is crucial to ensure that the place where the fence is being built is correct, or else you'll end up having to pay more money to move the fence later. Many people can use the land survey that was acquired when they build the home, especially if the pins are still in the ground to identify where your property begins and ends. Other times there may be a clear marker on the property, such as an existing fence, that defines the property line in the land survey. 


You'll likely need to obtain a permit with your city before having a fence installed, which comes with a cost. This involves submitting a plan that details where you are going to install the fence, how high the fence will be, and what materials will be used. The information that you submit will be verified to ensure that everything is done legally. For example, there may be restrictions on the height of your fence, and it will be flagged if you plan to build a fence that is too high.


The largest cost associated with your new fence installation is going to be the cost of materials. This includes the fencing material, concrete for the posts, hinges, gate handles, and things of that nature. This will likely be half of the cost that makes up your fence installation.


The benefit of having a fence professionally installed is that you do not have to do the work on your own. However, labor can make up quite a big portion of your fence cost. Remember, you are not just paying for the time that it takes for a contractor to build a fence, but for their expertise to do it quickly and correctly. 


If you are taking down an old fence to replace it with a new one, then all of that old fencing material will need to be disposed of. Chances are that you cannot just leave it on the curb and have the trash collectors take it away on garbage day, so you will need to pay to have the old material hauled away and disposed of.

For more information about residential fence installation, contact a local fencing company.