If you are one of the many businesses that needs heavy equipment for your day to day operations, then you likely have an outdoor storage yard where you keep everything when it isn't on a job. Unfortunately, these yards can become a target for thieves or vandals if they aren't protected. Fortunately, PVC fencing is available. This option provides durability while also providing an attractive exterior view of your business property.

Strength and Durability

The strength and durability of the material are the main selling points of vinyl. A vinyl fence is made up of panels that are attached to posts. These posts can be made of wood or metal and are often coated in a PVC shell so they blend with the fence. Since the panels are solid and made of PVC, you won't have to worry about someone prying off a picket to try and gain entry. Animals typically won't chew through them, either. Further, you won't need to worry about weather damaging the fence or wearing away its finish.

Maintenance and Longevity

PVC fencing requires little to no maintenance. It is a good idea to check the hardware periodically to make sure that everything is still firmly affixed to the posts and that no screws have rusted or given out, but otherwise, the fence should need little care. Most maintenance on a PVC fence is actually gate maintenance if your fence is gated. Gate hardware will need to be lubricated and replaced as it wears out, but this is required of all fencing types. Dirt may collect on the surface, especially if the fence borders a road, but this can be sprayed off with a hose or pressure washer depending on the severity of the grime. Further, PVC fencing doesn't require painting or sealing like wood, which means it can last for decades with little maintenance.

Security and Safety

PVC fences are just as secure as other fencing options. They may actually be more secure since they are made of solid PVC panels, so there are no easy footholds on the fence as there would be with chain links or cross rails on other fence types. Further, they block the view of the storage yard, which may cut down on the temptation to break in since thieves won't be immediately aware of what is on the other side. You can affix other security elements, such as height extenders or barb wire barriers, to the fence as well.

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