As a business owner, you must balance the need for security with an attractive exterior that is still welcoming to your clients and customers. If security is an issue that fencing can solve, you may be concerned about what message a large security fence will send to your clients. Fortunately, there is an option that provides the necessary security while still being attractive and non-threatening to those that have a reason to be on your business property: aluminum fencing.

What is aluminum fencing?

Aluminum fencing has the look of more expensive wrought iron, but without the high expense or danger of rust. This material is often viewed as decorative because it complements your landscaping and building design much more than a plain chain-link or an unwelcoming industrial-style fence. You can choose a variety of picket and finial styles to match the building's architecture. Although most aluminum fences are black in order to more closely resemble wrought iron, you can also have them built in a variety of other colors to match your preferences. Even better, an aluminum fence still allows an easy view through the pickets, so your business still appears open and welcoming to clients.

How secure is aluminum fencing?

Aluminum fences can be just as secure, if not more so, than a chain-link fence. The pickets are parallel, which means there are no easy footholds for an intruder that wants to climb the fence. You can have the pickets spaced closely enough so that no one can squeeze through the fence. Further, you can have the fence designed to your specifications, which means you can make it as tall as necessary. The option to add spiked pickets that are both decorative will discourage attempts to climb over the top without the imposing need for barbed wire or other tactics to keep intruders out. 

Does aluminum fencing require maintenance?

One of the biggest selling points of an aluminum commercial fence is that is very low maintenance. Any gates will need to be lubricated and the opening mechanisms serviced regularly, but the fence itself is unlikely to need much care. Aluminum will not rust or corrode, nor will the powder-coated paint fade or flake off. The only maintenance necessary for the fence itself is periodic rinsing to remove any dust or pollen that becomes unsightly on the fence surfaces.

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