Being able to look at your backyard and see neighboring homes without obstruction means that you may not have a fence throughout any part of the property. Although you may understand that an unfenced yard has benefits such as easy communication with your neighbors, you may know that your family would appreciate everything that comes with having a backyard fence.

Installing a backyard fence, in general, will benefit your family, but you should think a lot about this particular addition to make sure that you are able to maximize functionality.


When you go through all your picket options, one of the things that you will need to decide on is whether you want gaps between them. For the most part, you should expect any gap to reduce how much privacy you are able to get throughout the backyard and even for your house.

To get the most functionality out of your backyard fence, you should go without any gaps between the pickets because this will guarantee that you are getting the most privacy possible.


While looking at other backyards, you may notice some with shorter fences. Although they may still provide some privacy and protection, they will not be nearly as effective as a fence that is at least six feet tall. Going with this height for your fence is a smart choice because it will give you so much functionality by keeping wildlife away, protecting your home, and maximizing privacy.


While the height and picket details will determine a lot about a fence, you should also think about the possible extras that you can get with this addition. A great example is installing coyote rollers along the top of the fence as an extra security measure that can help in a lot of ways. It will be effective at keeping dogs, wild animals, and even people from getting into your backyard.

At the same time, you can look forward to this extra being effective at keeping your own pets in the backyard such as cats and dogs that you may let roam free on occasion.


If you want to avoid feeling restricted with getting into and out of the backyard, you should make sure to install several gates. Figuring out where you are most likely to enter or leave the backyard is important because this will help you come up with the most useful spots to install gates.

Using these tips will help you maximize functionality when adding a backyard fence. Look for a fence company near you for more information.