Maybe you have decided that this is the year that you will landscape your backyard in a very dramatic way. Have you already figured out exactly what you want as your landscape design? If that's not the case, keep reading for some ideas that might help you.

​Start With Arranging For The Installation Of Precast Privacy Walls 

If you have been wanting an entire wall to provide both beauty and privacy to your home, think of ordering a precast wall. This type of wall isn't just beautiful. It's affordable and will last for a very long time.

Choose a contemporary design that has rectangles and squares as its focal point. For a very unique look, choose a honeycomb design for the privacy wall.

Maybe you lean toward traditional decor. If so, choose a precast screen wall that has the look of bricks.

Enhance Your Landscaping With More Precast Screen Walls 

Whether or not you decide to have an entire precast screen wall as part of your landscape, there are other ways that you can use these impressive structures to add beauty to your backyard.

Order a precast wall that has planters as part of its design. When it is in place, fill each planter with cascading plants like bougainvillea, climbing roses and ferns.

Do you have children or grandchildren? Think of incorporating a precast screen that has a tunnel as the focal part of the design. The kids will have all kinds of fun playing in the tunnel. 

For something truly different, order a precast wall that has a large recessed space in it. Hang a hammock in the recessed space. 

Does your garden slope? If so, think of having smaller precast walls placed on different levels. Design the levels to hold plants like ornamental grasses, vegetables, and flowering plants.

Besides the precast walls, think of adding interest to the backyard by having pots of different shapes and sizes placed in strategic parts of the yard. For instance, large colored pots along the length of the privacy wall would draw attention to it.

Or, if you decided to have a free-standing precast screen in a corner of your garden, place a multi-tiered water fountain in front of the precast wall. Add decorative pottery birds for even more pizzazz. 

Your precast screen walls will be very easy to care for. As time goes by, just wash them off with your garden hose. If extra cleaning is needed, use an all-purpose cleanser to do the job.