Durable, iconic, and gorgeous, iron fencing has wrapped its way around everything from properties that surround sprawling estates to modest homes and small cottages. This form of fencing has probably the longest history, but it is also the one type of fencing that tends to get misunderstood. Check out just a few of the myths about iron fencing and the actual truths you should know. 

Myth: Iron fencing has a bad reputation for rust and corrosion. 

Old iron fencing did rust, but the rust was usually surface level and easy to eradicate even though it often changed the entire appearance of the material. This is why there are some iron fences and gates that are still standing in spite of being hundreds of years old. However, modern-day iron fencing has added layers of metal alloys and finishes to thwart any issues with rust or corrosion. For instance, some have powder-coated black finishes to retain that gorgeous stark-black color for the many years to come. 

Myth: Fences of iron always send the impression of high-security. 

Thanks to the many ways iron can be formed and laid out, it can just as easily exude a charming or romantic appeal as it can a high-security appeal. It is understandable that a lot of homeowners don't necessarily want any kind of strict-statured fencing that sends the wrong idea. But modern-day iron is highly versatile and can fit into just about any design idealogy you have in mind. 

Myth: Fences crafted of iron are the most expensive. 

iron fencing is really not all that expensive when compared to something like chain-link fencing. Iron is a relatively inexpensive metal, which is why it was often used to create metal pieces many years ago. According to Home Advisor, you can expect to pay between $2,666 and $5,200 for a span of iron fencing that is anywhere from 140 feet to 200 feet in length. Of course, the more decorative the iron, the higher the price can climb for the fence, so if you're going for affordability, it is best to stick with simplistic designs. 

Talk to an Iron Fencing Contractor to Learn More

Overall, iron fencing is not outdated or old-fashioned. It is alive and well and still one of the most effective types of residential fencing styles. If you would like to know more about iron fences, reach out to a fence contractor in your area to learn more.