Have you decided that you want to have ornamental iron fencing added to your property? Perhaps you want a fence because it will add privacy to your home. The bonus is that ornamental iron fencing will also beautify your property. If you have already decided exactly what kind of iron fencing you want, you can stop reading now. However, maybe you are still trying to get ideas on the kind of ornamental iron fencing you want. If that's true, keep reading for some ideas that might help you with your decision.

Establish The Feeling Of A New Orleans Garden - Have you ever been to New Orleans? Maybe you have just seen gorgeous New Orleans homes in coffee table books. Either way, part of the attraction might have been the beautiful wrought iron fences that appeared in many of the photographs. 

  • Choose a design that has an elaborate pattern as the focal point. 
  • Roses and vines could be added as part of the design.
  • For a New Orleans look, go with dark green or slate gray for the color of the wrought iron.

Establish A State Of Texas Mood - Are you from the Lone Star State? Maybe you aren't from there, but you might have gone to college at Texas Tech, the University of Texas, or another Texas college or university. No matter the reason you want a Texas look, remember the keyword is Stars.

  • Select a design that has stars intermittently placed along the entire length of the fence.
  • Choose a gate that has a huge Texas star as the focal point of the design.
  • White, red, or blue would all be good choices for your Texas-themed ornamental iron fence. 

​Establish A Victorian Feeling - If you love the romance of anything Victorian, you might have a Victorian-style home. Choose an ornamental iron fence to complement it.

  • Ornamental fencing with an intricate design will create a Victorian feeling. For instance, a scroll design or a design with swans or peacocks would be ideal.
  • Select a gate that looks like a garden trellis, with wrought iron flowers as the focal point of the gate.
  • A soft blue or green, or light turquoise would be a perfect color.

No matter the mood you are establishing with your ornamental iron fencing, it will help to make your home a showplace. The icing on the cake is that the fencing will be easy to maintain and it will last for many years.