There are several reasons to put a fence around your backyard, but if you have dogs, you probably want a fence that keeps them safe in your yard. You have a choice in fences that are suitable for dogs, but it's important to take your dog's personality and size into consideration. Here are some tips for choosing fencing for your dogs.

1. When Distractions Excite Your Dogs

If there's the possibility of movement on the other side of the fence, such as neighbor kids that run in their yard or a busy sidewalk with people that pass by, you may want a privacy fence around your yard. The fence will block the view from your dogs so they don't get excited and bark every time they go outside.

Plus, a privacy fence keeps kids from sticking their hands through rails to try to pet your dogs. Privacy fences are commonly made from wood or vinyl, and they're tall enough and sturdy enough to last a long time, even if your dogs jump against the fence occasionally.

2. If You Want To See Through The Fence

If you have a small backyard, your dogs might appreciate being able to see an expanse of land beyond the fence. Plus, if you have a scenic view on the other side of the fence, you'd probably like to sit outdoors and enjoy the view through a chain link or picket fence. If your dogs are mild-mannered and don't get overly excited when a squirrel darts on the other side of the fence, a fence you can see through might be good for you and them both.

A chain-link fence is one of the more affordable fencing options, but you could also choose wood or vinyl picket fences. Just be sure to buy a fence high enough and with the pickets close enough together that your dogs can't get past the fence if something on the other side, like a stray cat, entices them.

3. When You Want An Attractive Fence

Attractiveness is personal, but there are a couple of fencing types that are not as common as wood and vinyl that can hold in your pets while looking attractive too. One is chain-link fencing wrapped in colored vinyl, and the other is aluminum. Both types of fencing require very little maintenance and are ideal for keeping dogs in the yard while having a more upscale appearance than wood that is wearing down or white vinyl that's showing stains.

You can get a chain-link fence wrapped in black vinyl that you can easily see through and that blends in with the background. If you choose aluminum, you have several choices when it comes to the shape of the fence and toppers. An ornamental aluminum fence can add a little glamour to your property while keeping your dogs secure.

For more information, contact a residential fencing contractor in your area.