A driveway gate can serve many purposes from simply keeping pets and children safely contained on your property to preventing intruders from using your driveway. There are several choices you will need to make to ensure the electric gate opener style meets the needs of your property and your lifestyle.

Swing Vs. Sliding Gates

Swing gates are common because they can be relatively easy and cost effective to install. A swing gate can be a single or double gate, depending on the width of your driveway. The main drawback of the swing style is that there must be ample clearance for the gate to swing open. Further, an inward swinging gate can sometimes be forced open by a determined driver, whereas one that swings outward is more difficult to force but cars must stop far enough back to allow the gate to open.

Sliding gates don't require additional clearance, and they are much harder to force open. The main drawback with a sliding gate is that the rails and wheels must be inspected and cleaned regularly so that fallen leaves and other debris don't interfere with the gate's movement.

Remote Detection Vs. Coded Entry

A gate that operates off remote detection has a sensor, typically installed in the ground or as a sensor "eye" placed above ground. This gate opens automatically when a vehicle pulls up to the gate. Remote detection gates aren't designed to keep people out. They are more designed to either keep out animals (such as browsing deer that you don't want in the yard) or to keep pets and children from wandering away from the property.

Coded entry gates are the secure option. These gates feature a key pad that requires a code entry to open the gate. There is also an integrated communication panel so visitors can ring you to open the gate upon arrival. Some models also come with remote controls so you don't have to enter a code to open the gate.

Grid Power Vs. Backup Power

An electric gate that's on the main power grid can be prone to failure in the event of a power outage. Although most electric gate openers have a manual option, this can be a pain in the event that you need to leave or enter during a bad storm.

Backup power is helpful, especially in areas prone to power outages. There are both battery backup and solar backup options. The one you choose will depend on your budget as well as on which backup source is more reliable in your area.

Contact a gate installation service to learn more about the types of gates and electric gate openers available.